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Fashion Photography Tips

shutterstock_161524226We see them all over the place; in television advertisements, in magazines, and on the runway. They are the beautiful men and women who strut their stuff while showing off the latest styles from the hottest fashion designers. These are the fashion models of today and tomorrow, and the subject of high fashion photography. It is through photography that these models and fashionable clothing are brought to the public. Therefore, these photographs must be taken with a certain level of precision and a special attention to color, style, and lighting composition. Learning a few key fashion photography tips will help to make this possible.

High fashion photographers such as Mario Testino and Eva Mueller may not be as famous as the models they shoot, but they are actually sought out more than their model counterparts by fashion magazines and designers. While the dream of huge paychecks and hobnobbing with the rich and famous might appeal to the aspiring fashion photographer, it is not easy to become successful in fashion and model photography. For every one talented young photographer who makes it big, there are hundreds are left dreaming about the moment their photo will be chosen.

Here are a few fashion photography tips for anyone interested in getting started in the field of fashion photography. The first thing you must do is study your subject. As with any field, you can never learn enough. Read as many fashion magazines you can possibly get your hands on. There are a number of fantastic books on the subjects of fashion and model photography available. They can be purchased cheaply online at sites like or even cheaper if you get them used on eBay. You will also need a good camera, a tripod, and a lighting system. One of the more often overlooked fashion photography tips, is to ensure that you always have plenty of film and extra batteries available.

One of the most important fashion photography tips to focus on is having a portfolio. You need to start assembling a portfolio of your work and you need to keep this portfolio handy at all times. You never know when you will have the opportunity to show your work off to someone in the fashion world. Sharp, vibrant images on a 4 x 5″ transparency will best show off your work, so focus on them when putting your fashion photography portfolio together. If any of your work has already been published regardless of whether it was a local magazine, newspaper or contest, add a tear sheet (literally a sheet you torn out of the magazine) is a great addition to a portfolio. You should have a minimum of 20 photographs in your portfolio and showcasing different styles.

In this day of the internet, it is wise to display your fashion photography talent online as well. Setup a simple website displaying your work and submit your digital photos to online contests. Also, submit them to online fashion gallery websites. This will help tremendously with getting your work seen and showcasing your talent around the world. Probably the most important of all the fashion photography tips is to get your photographs seen by as many people as possible. There is no better way of doing this than by putting them online.

Remember that most fashion magazine editors are looking for your personality in the photographs that you take. Each fashion photographer will captures the essence of a fashion design and model differently. Most importantly, if this is your dream, do not give up, ever! Keep learning the latest high fashion photography tips and keep working to get your photographs on the cover of my next hot fashion magazine.

Digital Waterproof Camera Buying Tips

Digital waterproof cameras are great if you travel a lot, enjoy swimming or snorkeling in the ocean, or are planning your dream vacation to a tropical destination. To capture your underwater memories on film, you’ll need a digital waterproof camera. A digital waterproof camera will let you take many pictures without ruining expensive film, which is especially important when trying to photograph moving objects underwater.

When buying a digital waterproof camera, your first consideration should be the quality of the camera. Like any other digital camera, consider the megapixels offered. More megapixels will produce a sharper image. Also consider the zoom on the camera. Many digital underwater cameras are able to zoom to focus on images about ten feet away; these will be great for capturing images of fish as you’re snorkeling, for example. Others have a more powerful zoom, while a few of the low-end underwater cameras have no zooming capabilities.

You may also want to take a look at the other features of the waterproof digital camera, such as taking pictures in different modes, if you are interested in something a little more complex than the basic point-and-shoot digital waterproof camera. As with buying any other cameras, try them out if you can. The quality of the image from different cameras can be hard to quantify, but it should be at the top of your list of criteria when deciding on waterproof digital cameras.

Because you will be using the camera underwater, make sure the protective housing is high-quality and will not leak. The housing will also protect your camera from any sand you encounter while on the beach. If it is faulty, your camera and photos will be ruined. Look for something that is sturdy, yet not so heavy that you will feel encumbered by your camera while in the water.

To find the best waterproof digital camera for your situation, make sure it is appropriately rated for the situations you will encounter. Cameras are rated for certain depths and temperatures; if you will be encountering extremes of either, be sure you look at the ratings of the cameras you’re considering.

Tips For Organizing Your Camera Accessories

When you have accumulated a lot of digital camera accessories through the years, you need to find a way to organize them. This way, you will be able to find what you’re looking for in a fast and easy manner. When you know where you keep them, you save time and effort in looking for the things that you want to use.

Storing your accessories in the drawer is a good idea but if you’re the type of person who keeps forgetting and want to find items quickly, you should use organizers that have transparent materials. If you have lots of lenses, for instance, you can actually use a shoe organizer that can be hung on the wall or on your door. Get a clear shoe organizer where you can slip in your lenses and grab them easily when you need to use one. If you need to hang it on the door, make sure it does not swing and bang on it or on the wall. Hanging it on the closet door is ideal as this does not get slammed too often.

These clear shoe organizers normally come in different sizes and colors. So get one that fits your personality. If you’re the creative type, however, you can create your own design using durable materials.

With regards to cables, there’s also an easy way to organize them. Did you know that the toilet paper roll is very helpful? Yes, that’s right.

This toilet paper roll that is often used in school and art projects can also be used to keep and protect your cables. If you have several cables to organize, just get a shoe box or any medium sized box and the appropriate number of paper rolls. To keep your cables intact, fold them according to the length of the toilet paper roll and simply put them inside. To make sure that they don’t fall, you can tape the rolls together.

Another option is to buy a plastic box organizer of just the right size to store your cables. There are boxes that have a handle outside similar to a tool box and have divisions inside as well. You can check out online or in physical stores to be sure you’re getting what you really want.

Having a good camera bag is also best. Find one that has various compartments to accommodate your digital camera accessories. There should be compartments for lenses and filters, batteries, memory cards and your camera. For the memory card, normally there’s an inner pocket with a zipper that you can use to keep and protect your storage cards.

Being organized in your personal belongings is an admirable trait. It shows that you value your possessions and you want them to last long.

As owners of digital cameras, it is also your responsibility to find ways to store your device and accessories properly. This way, you eliminate the chances of getting them damaged. Keep in mind that when you care for your camera, it will also stay with you for a long time.

Tips on Buying Digital Camera Accessories

Digital cameras may have already completely taken over the world of photography now as they bumped off conventional cameras and their limitations. They brought a whole new world to those who love taking pictures because they allow users to take a lot of pictures without having to change a roll of film or having to count the number of pictures to be taken based on the film being used. Now, it is easier to document things in your life without having to worry about how many roll of films used. With a digital camera, you can choose a memory card with a large capacity. You can also easily transfer your pictures to your computer to clear out the memory card and make room for more pictures. This kind of technology allows you to take unlimited number of pictures.

Camera Accessories to Buy

Once you buy a digital camera, don’t expect to stop spending money on the camera itself. If you read digital camera reviews, you may likely notice just how other users are able to maximize the use of their camera with the right accessories. It is even more fun now to buy accessories that can show off your style and compatible with the design of your camera. Even a simple point and shoot camera would need quite a few accessories. If it is not yet waterproof, you need to buy a waterproof case so you don’t need to be afraid to use your camera near the water. Other accessories that you need to invest on should include a camera bag, charger, battery pack, and extra memory cards. If you are always on adventures outdoors, you need a reliable camera bag that can protect your camera and the accessories. For more convenience, you may also want to buy an extension cable and a tripod.

Personalized Camera Accessories

Stores selling accessories are now trying to get their customers’ attention by making personalized items. It is not only about no-nonsense black and white accessories often associated with cameras in the past. You can have more options now than camera users have a few years ago. Accessories can even be personalized to make it more you. For instance, you can find a blue, striped camera bag or a blue patterned tripod if you want to. Camera accessories are also available in various styles that would set them differently form others. It is easier to find colors that would match your equally colorful cameras too. For instance, there are Sony cameras in various colors because the manufacturer knows how attractive these colored cameras would be to buyers. You can choose from silver to pink.

Quality, Durable Accessories

Since you are still going to spend money on the accessories for your digital camera, it would be a good call to find quality ones. This way, they can be used with the camera with ease and protect it for a long time. These accessories would also last longer if they are made of durable materials. You don’t only need stylish items but durable ones for your camera’s optimized use.

There is a wide range of options when it comes to digital cameras and their accessories. If you want only the best, you may read digital cameras for a more informed decision-making.

Wedding Photography Tips

You wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and one that usually takes much planning. It is the day when you will celebrate your love and marriage. You can never do too much planning when it comes to wedding photography. You want to capture the essence of that perfect day in a manner that befits your personal style.

Today, brides and grooms are interested in infusing some of their own unique style into their wedding photographs. With the advent of the Internet, choosing a photographer has become a lot simpler. Today, photographers are able to showcase their creativity and talents online, and you can go through their galleries to search for a style that caters to your needs.

Here are a few wedding tips that will ensure that this very special day will give you enjoyment that lasts for a lifetime through the pictures that it produces:

  1. The most important tip of all is to be careful when you choose your photographer. He or she should be able to capture the message you are hoping to convey through photography. Make sure that you are able to look at samples of your photographer’s work. His or her style should coincide with your own.
  2. Another important wedding photography tip is to make sure that you get along with your photographer on a personal level. This is a person who will be right alongside of you during your wedding day capturing many of your most intimate moments. You should be able to put all of your trust in your photographer so that your wedding day can be relaxed and enjoyable.
  3. Another unique wedding photography tip is to bring your wedding guests into the picture by making sure there are disposable cameras on all of the tables at the reception. When your guests are taking pictures, each one will capture his or her own unique experience on your wedding day. You will probably get some cool shots that you would never dream to have gotten with just one photographer.

You must also take into consideration whether you want your wedding photography to follow the traditional style that has been offered for many generations and still is the most popular with weddings. Today there are photographers that are branching out and are beginning to offer more non-traditional styles of wedding photography. These include not only candid shots, but journalistic style photography as well.

Digital photography has done much to enhance the quality of wedding photography. You are able to make changes right on the spot or you can enhance the photographs on the computer.

Remember to choose your wedding photographer carefully because these photos will define your wedding day for generations to come. Choose as to what best suits your style and personality, and you will certainly enjoy a lifetime of precious memories.

Digital SLR Buying Tips

You fancy buying a new camera and you don’t really know what to buy but you’ve heard the term “digital SLR” bandied about and everyone says they’re great. You search the internet for digital SLR buying tips and there are loads but nobody tells you what the SLR bit actually means and maybe you should know before you take the plunge so here is a brief description.

Digital SLR means digital single lens reflex and it has to do with the way that light is directed within the camera enabling a single camera to allow many different lens focal lengths. You see what the lens sees, these cameras are fast and you can use different lenses. However, this article isn’t about the technicalities of single lens reflex technology, it’s about digital SLR buying tips, so here are some of mine:

Tip 1 – Firstly you need to know that there is nothing to choose in terms of picture quality between the big brand names on the market, so don’t stress about that, but some cameras are better suited to certain types of photography.

Tip 2 – Ask yourself what it is that you’ll take photos of the most. Is it your pets and/or kids in action? Is it landscapes, portraits or close-ups? Do you mostly take photographs at night or in daylight, indoors or outdoors? Do you plan your photography sessions in a studio or take most of your pics on the spur of the moment? If you’ve sorted this out in advance, you’ll be able to compare the camera features which apply to your favourite form of photography. After all, there’s no point comparing flash settings if you hardly ever use the flash on your current camera.

Tip 3 – One of the best digital SLR buying tips I can think of is to familiarise yourself with the terminology. Don’t go to a camera shop and allow yourself to be baffled by the shop assistant asking you how many megapixels you want or what type of image stabilisation would be appropriate.

Tip 4 – Now you are familiar with the features of one of these cameras, match the features with your photography style. For example if you most take action shots, then you will need a camera with a fast continuous drive which means that you can take photos in quick succession.

Tip 5 – Choose which aspect is most important to you, e.g. price, size or number of megapixels and read reviews in magazines or online. Choose a few well-known brands and make yourself a spreadsheet comparing the features that you really want. Ignore the rest or you may get confused.

Tip 6 – Probably the most important of digital SLR buying tips. Compare prices. Money is short these days and deals abound. Check out your local shops, particularly the big chains which often have offers available but don’t forget to look online too. If you’re an amateur, a good second hand camera may well be adequate for your needs and will save you a lot of money.

Lighting Tips For Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography requires a few skills in making your prints appear professional. One section of making a photograph image professional is lighting. Lighting in wedding photography is paramount in creating fantastic images. Taking photos of subjects not well lit will not turn out the way you would wish for. We have listed some great strategies below for lighting and wedding photography.

Tip 1: When to use natural light or flash photography?

If you are utilizing natural light you will depend on the Kelvin level to find out the temperature of light and consequently the colour of light. The colouring of light is essential to maintaining the colours you see around you. For example the warmer the light the redder the light will probably be, therefore you might need to choose the time period you’ll go out and shoot the wedding photographs.

Tip 2: Determine the Sun’s Colour Levels

A Wedding photographer would need to comprehend the sun’s colour level. Images usually lead the viewers toward certain emotions; usually softer colours evoke more emotion. Therefore comprehending the suns impact on the colours can help you find the correct time of day. The sun evokes blue hues every day, while closer to midday you’ll find more neutral colours. The neutral colours usually takes away some of the actual definition you want in your photograph. Understanding exactly how you would like to shoot the image will also assist you to determine when you wish to take the image.

When using natural light you will have to work along with the angle and direction of the natural light. If the natural light is broad and diffused you’ll have softer shadows whilst the more narrow the light is focused the more shadow you can create. Frequently at noon when the sun’s rays is in mid arc you lose distinction of the subject matter. The actual subject could appear grainy. This is why shadow is used; the shadows can provide you more quality towards the image if used the right way. This provides to the beauty of your pictures.

You can also alter sunlight through certain techniques. Modifying sunlight when taking portraits outdoors requires the use of a background. You might choose to a breath taking landscape which will offer more composition towards the photo. You may need to block the sun in the event that it interferes with you or your subject’s sight. You might also bring in a white surface to fill the shadows. Landscape photography demands less work than typically natural light for portraits. The truth is using natural sunlight for landscape photography without having modifications can yield you a much better photograph.

Wedding Photography is an art that requires strategies and practice. Lighting is an important part of photography, especially when you’re using natural light. Natural light can bring plenty of shadows or take them away according to period. Understanding the most effective time for taking a photograph depends upon the sun’s position. Wedding Photography can be an interesting hobby and career whenever practiced properly will give you an abundance of images for your home and others.

Whether you are a professional or a novice photographer, you want to produce some exquisite photos with the proper lighting. With this in mind, choose your lighting according to your needs and the needs of your subject or object. Your images will be delightful with brightness when you use the best lighting situation.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography is considered the norm for wedding photography. Some may call it timeless, some may call it boring, and others may simply call it fail safe.The traditional wedding photography is set up by the photographer. There are the pictures taken of the usual wedding traditions and ceremonial activities, and then there is the after wedding set up where the different wedding parties are separated and then put together.

There are a lot of ‘say cheese’ and ‘hold still’ calls to make the formal even look even more formal.

Then there are the wedding reception traditional activities which need to be recorded and sometimes the photographer is the one who makes the call of when each activity is to be done in accordance to the schedule.

This is a very time consuming way of going about the wedding and even if a lot of people still prefer this style, the younger generation usually find the whole thing tedious as it takes the fun out of the pictures.

The whole effect is formal and none of the informal. Portraiture and posing which can take the wedding party away from the celebration could task anyone’s patience.If this is the type of wedding photography to be chosen, then the couple, especially the bride, has to understand that there is a format to the sequencing and how the photographs are going to look like. It would be a generic approach and a generic look is what it is going to look like.

If the look achieved is not what the bride envisions it to be, then traditional should not be an option. Look for more adventuresome techniques that could be more attractive to the new generation. However, traditional is a great way to go if the wedding is a traditional type and the love of the couple would still be caught and recorded for all time.

Wedding Photography Services

c_blurmediaphotography_jp_danko_dwn_2040How much do you really know about the various wedding photography services? There are a lot of questions that should be answered by the individual photographer you hire, but more than likely you are going ask these questions to your friends with the expectation of them being answered correctly.

Although your friends mean well, they might be giving you information that is no longer true or information that was never true for a particular wedding photography studio. However, each photography studio and photographer have their own packages and included services.

In order for you to know exactly what is going to be included with your wedding photography services and what is not going to be included you need to talk to your photographer. He or she will be able to tell you about everything that is included with your package and what is going to cost you extra. However, it is possible that you can enter into negotiations with the photographer and modify the package to meet your needs.

Usually, if you are more interested in a particular number of photos but could do without another portion of your package the photographer will be able to make the necessary changes for you for free to little charge.

Of course, you are not going to be able to eliminate something fairly inexpensive and replace it with something that is much more expensive. The individual cost should be fairly close in order for the photographer to be able to make the modification possible for you.

In general, the amount of time the photographer spends on your wedding day is included as part of the wedding photography services. Typically, included in this price is also the negatives, travel expenses, a specific number of actual print photos and a photo album. With technology advancing as it is, many photographers are even offering to host the wedding photos online for a short period of time. This is generally also included in the package price.

You can use the internet and check out the website of the photographer to determine exactly what is included for each of the wedding photography services. Read all of the fine print on the website also and make note of anything and everything that you do not understand or have a question about. This way you know what to ask when you meet with the photographer.

Shopping For Wedding Photography Services

Are you wedding soon? Or are you involved in organizing a wedding that is coming soon? Well if you are, then one thing you need to keep in mind is that you will need a photographer for the event. This is something that many people involved in the organization of weddings tend to forget, till the very last moment. It is one of those things that someone in the wedding committee may remember vaguely, but then drive off their minds with the ‘self consolation’ that they will take care of them as the event draws near.

The truth of the matter is that wedding photography is a very integral part of the modern wedding ceremony. It is something you cannot afford to just wish away. For besides the wedding certificate (which is an important document, definitely not for public display), there is simply no other ‘evidence’ for the wedding that remains, except the wedding photos. Couples that get their wedding photography right go on to have nice looking shots, which they keep in their family albums for posterity, and some of which they actually get framed and display on their living rooms. On the other hand, couples who don’t get their wedding photography right end up with lots of regrets: because for most of us, we only get a single wedding in a lifetime.

To help people get their wedding photography right, a number of companies wholly in that line of business have come up. So it turns out that for the foresighted wedding organizers, an integral part of the wedding preparation process is that of shopping for wedding photography services.

Now as you go shopping for wedding photography services, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind.

One is that wedding photography is one of the areas where artistry really matters (if the couple is to end up with those ‘perfect’ shots), hence the need to go for providers who are not only commercially oriented, but also artistically inclined. It sounds hard, but it is actually quite easy to tell this by looking at a photographic service provider’s portfolio: the sample works that they provide to prospective buyers of their service. You should take care to evaluate how good your considered service providers are with both posed shots and candid shots, for some of the photos in a wedding ceremony will have to be taken on the move (candid).

Second is that that wedding photography is one of the areas where experience really matters. Granted, passion can really make up for things, but when all is said and done, you need someone who has taken photographs in a wedding ceremony, even if only as an apprentice. You need someone who can anticipate situations, so that they can be in a better position to take perfect shots of them.

Third is that in wedding photography, you mostly get what you pay for. You can get someone to do it cheaply, possibly even for free from their phone camera. But if you want professional results, you need to stretch yourself, and pay the rightful price.