Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography is considered the norm for wedding photography. Some may call it timeless, some may call it boring, and others may simply call it fail safe.The traditional wedding photography is set up by the photographer. There are the pictures taken of the usual wedding traditions and ceremonial activities, and then there is the after wedding set up where the different wedding parties are separated and then put together.

There are a lot of ‘say cheese’ and ‘hold still’ calls to make the formal even look even more formal.

Then there are the wedding reception traditional activities which need to be recorded and sometimes the photographer is the one who makes the call of when each activity is to be done in accordance to the schedule.

This is a very time consuming way of going about the wedding and even if a lot of people still prefer this style, the younger generation usually find the whole thing tedious as it takes the fun out of the pictures.

The whole effect is formal and none of the informal. Portraiture and posing which can take the wedding party away from the celebration could task anyone’s patience.If this is the type of wedding photography to be chosen, then the couple, especially the bride, has to understand that there is a format to the sequencing and how the photographs are going to look like. It would be a generic approach and a generic look is what it is going to look like.

If the look achieved is not what the bride envisions it to be, then traditional should not be an option. Look for more adventuresome techniques that could be more attractive to the new generation. However, traditional is a great way to go if the wedding is a traditional type and the love of the couple would still be caught and recorded for all time.